Exhibition Name: 2022 JIMTOF Japan International Machine Tool Fair 
Exhibition date: 08 - 13 Nov 2022 Add To Calendar
Booth number: W3025

Main Product:Tungsten steel end mills, tungsten steel ball cutters, deep groove end mills, and welded-edge tungsten steel milling cutters, including circular saw blades for various applications and center drills, mechanical reamers, special cutters for teeth, stainless steel Special cutting tools, special tools for fiber composites, special tools for acrylics, special tools for aerospace, special tools for cutting, special tools for engraving, and special tools for lathes, milling machines and punching machines.

Exhibition introduction:

"Focus on the machinery tools and accessories"
The Japan International Machine Tool Fair will display products like display ground of state of the art technologies and new inventions in the machine tool manufacturing industry where large numbers of national as well as international players from various parts of the globe will come to share their thoughts and opinions through this platform etc.