Exhibition name: 2019 INTERMOLD Nagoya Japan Nagoya International Mold & Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition
Exhibition date: June 19 to June 22, 2019
Booth number: 3-752
Venue: Nagoya International Exhibition Center (Portmesse Nagoya) Main Product:Cutting Tool & Fittings For Metalworking Machinery, Milling Cutter, Drill, Screw Tapping, Other Cutter, Metal & Non-Metal Materials & Parts

Exhibition introduction:
After years of development, Japan's only mold professional exhibition - INTERMOLD finally decided to hold in Nagoya! The manufacturing industry knows that Aichi Prefecture is a major automobile production town. Not only are the world-famous Toyota and Mitsubishi headquarters established here, but many key component manufacturers are also here. Aichi Prefecture accounts for 25% of the car production value, and is a pioneer in Japan's economy and technology.
Based on the “Innovative Planning for the Aichi Automotive Industry”, it is aimed at developing technologies for SMEs, providing innovative materials, systems, energy and the Internet of Things for next-generation vehicles, and further promoting a safe and reliable environment.