Whether it is incoming tool inspection, manufacture, or final inspection: Jen Li Cheng Cutting Tool Ltd. provides the perfect solutions for tool inspection and measurement. 100% perfect tools providing whenever and wherever


Inspection of incoming tools; the processing program sends out the tools to be ground: cleaning and sorting.

2.Inspection of Incoming Tools

Use ZOLLER's Tool Measuring Instrument Series to collect information on re-grinding tools, automatically measure various relevant data used to generate the grinding program, and transfer it to the relevant program system through ZOLLER's interface, paperless, and measure Decide on the amount of grinding required, with as little regrind as possible, to reproduce the tool's performance and increase tool usage and re-grinding times.

3.Processing Program

The tool data is transferred to the software program system. Use the virtual system to simulate the program on the 3D tool model and modify or generate a new NC grinder.

4.Mass Production of Tools

The NC grinding program is transferred through the interface to the general-purpose tool grinding machine used for re-grinding. Using the parameters of the original tool, plus some known parameters, the preparation time for the tool regrind is greatly reduced. Simply use the probe on the grinder to detect the position of the blade on the grinder. ZOLLER's measurement technology ensures tool quality and new mass production as well as reduces machine set-up time.

5.Final check

With ZOLLER, the tools are 100% checked before shipment. The measured values are sorted into the test report and additional parameters must be referenced if there are additional requirements. Strengthen the accuracy of verification, reduce costs, and improve tool quality.


Deliver high-quality tools on time and have complete measurement records and report files.

Accurate/ Accurate Angle Measurement

Automatic Tool Identification

Tool Inspection